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Affordable Access Control and Inventory Tracking solutions

Manufacturing Plants

VendNovation has worked closely with Industry Leaders to develop an easy to use Access Control system that provides automated accountability and ensures access to critical Tools and Supplies while reducing waste. No matter the environment (Metalworking, Machine Shops, Refineries, Utilities, Maintenance, and many more) we can help your business move faster, reduce total inventory, and save money.

Access Control - Employee Identification

VendNovation's hardware can be configured to authenticate your employees or volunteers using Keypad entered ID numbers, Barcode (visible or infrared) based ID Badges, RFID based ID Badges, or Magnetic Stripe based ID Badges which means we probably work with your existing identification systems.

Each of these ID systems can be further paired with a secret PIN to keep people from using lost or borrowed ID Badges from accessing restricted materials. VendNovation also provides Administrative tools to force users to change their PIN numbers whenever you wish, further increasing security.

Access Control - Inventory Restrictions

VendNovation's restriction system lets you decide who gets what Tools, Parts, and Safety Gear. Centralized restriction tools mean instant application, no need to wait for data to sync to the individual machines in the system.

Need to make sure specific tools are available for a special job? Reserve the item for a specific Employee or set up general restrictions based on the job at hand.

Inventory Levels

Make sure your Employees have the tools they need to get the job done. VendNovation's inventory system allows you to see in real time what you have (and what you don't). Get automatic alerts when you are running low on Tools, Replacement Parts, Safety Gear, or anything else your Employee's need before you run out. VendNovation will automatically route these alerts to the appropriate personnel for you too!

Need to track a specific Tool throughout its life cycle? Use VendNovation's serialization abilities to track its usage. Set maintenance or refurbishing dates and let us notify you when it needs to be re-calibrated.

Want to Learn More?

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