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Affordable Access Control and Inventory Tracking solutions

Food Services

VendNovation has worked with Vending Machine operators to build a robust, real-time inventory tracking system that will also work with older vending machines.


VendNovation has worked long and hard to produce the best vending machine controller board available on the market for new machines, and then turned it into an easy to use retrofit kit. Want internet connected machines but can't afford all new hardware? Have old machines collecting dust because you can't find replacement control boards? Contact us about a retrofit kit or MDB Add-on board!

Internet Connected

VendNovation's internet connected controller board allows for Real Time inventory tracking as well as optional Credit Card purchase support. Automatically get notified when a machine is running low on product, and use analytics to suggest planogram changes that will keep it from happening in the future.

Route Scheduling

Generate delivery and restock tickets for all your drivers quickly and easily.

Want to Learn More?

Contact us at info@vendnovation.com or call 425-637-2344 x118.